For nearly 40 years I had the good fortune to receive treatments first from your Dad and then from you Diane. Your capable head, hands and heart have reached deep in to my very being to help me heal a magnitude of issues. I remember the polarity treatment before my divorce court case nearly 35 years ago and the balancing after one mishap after another. Finally your guidance is appreciated more than words can express. Thank you, also, for your generosity with the girls. My granddaughters are so fortunate to have experienced your healing touch.
Delores J.

I have seen Diane Wiebe since she first started her practice. I have had the joy of watching her grow and expand her practitioner skills.
I have experienced her excellent and caring services from Reflexology, Touch for Health, Access, Nutrition, BodyTalk and have had great success and improvement in my health. Diane was and continues to be a good anchor for me and has helped me through my car accident and rheumatoid arthritis. I would and have highly recommended Diane at Okanagan Natural Care.
Joan Casorso

The work I have done through Access Consciousness sessions with Diane has been life altering. My body and brain no longer allow me to preservative upon negative situations from my past for as long and deep as I once did. I now process situations and interpret experiences differently with more ease and comfort. I feel I can make life choices which are best suited for me and others opinions do not alter what my gut and heart guide me to do. 
Bonnie McGill

Since coming for a couple of years I have noticed my health improving immensely. I feel balanced, my skin feels healthy and I am all around a much happier person. I always feel on top of the world, when leaving a service.
Marlene Kulaway

What an amazing health care centre ONCC is! I love coming here. I am so thankful for your services. When I come here I receive treatments that help me to feel better right away. I always leave feeling relieved and healthier. I also appreciate that physical, emotional and mental aspects are all addressed in a caring and spiritual environment. Thanks you ONCC!
Maggie Reigh

I have had great success from multiple practitioners (at ONCC) at becoming healthier. They have constantly improved my health either on their own or in conjunction with “traditional western medicine” treatments. I am happier and healthier and feel I have always received good value and professional services. I would not hesitate to recommend ONCC in any way.

No matter which service I request, I always leave feeling content and relaxed. What more can you ask for? Many thanks
Linda Callahan