I am amazed of the professionalism and friendly helpful manner of all the staff at Okanagan Natural Care Centre. My first appointment was with Diane Wiebe and she pinpointed problems I’ve had without saying much to her. After a back injury at work in January 1999, my life has been a struggle including two back surgeries and a divorce and then having severe chronic pain and severe sleep deprivation.

I’ve been all over seeking answers for help and tried many natural therapies to try and control my body and life. Diane spent much time helping me and reviewing my medication, vitamins, herbs and made recommendations. This clinic I would recommend to anyone seeking a better lifestyle for general health, relief form aches and pains and even your chronic conditions. A vacation to Kelowna was well worth it even with therapies added to the holiday. I might add that my mother, Johanna Zeffer is the one that encouraged me to try the clinic. ~ Joe Zeffer, Fergus, Ontario

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Okanagan Natural Care Centre

Unit 3-1890 Ambrosi Road, Kelowna BC V1Y 4R9

Phone: 250-763-2914

Email: info@naturalcare.bc.ca

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