A happy man on the road to healing.

It does not take any persuasion for me to talk about the merits of being a client at the Okanagan Natural Care Centre for the past three years. I really look forward to my twice-a-month appointments with Diane because she keeps me at an even keel about my general health. The precious hour I spend with her is over quickly and I am so rejuvenated and confident to carry on again with my busy active life of “care-giver” and my own self care. Leaving her office after treatments is quite different from the usual 10 minute rushed interviews I have with my medical professionals who really have no extra time to spend with their patients who number 1,500 to 2,000 per Doctor. I can truthfully say I have never felt better or more confident about my general health than I do right now. Reflexology is the most amazing treatment I have ever experienced. I never knew anything about it or even that it existed. I sing its merits to those who are interested in their health and I am so pleased to hear and see that Reflexology is finally receiving the merits it has long deserved. In this busy, nerve racking world there is more need for this three-thousand-year-old treatment of reflexology. Diane Wiebe is truly a professional lady who is three professionals wrapped up into one. ~ Dot Davies

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