In 2016 I had been repeatedly visiting our local hospital E.R. for an ongoing condition for which I could achieve no relief or results. The E.R. doctor could not determine why my left forearm was swollen and I had poor strength. My wrist movement was also severely restricted and the pain I was experiencing was very intense. All they were able to do for me in the hospital was place my wrist in a temporary cast and prescribe anti-inflammatory medication. Several weeks later, the medication had run out and they were no nearer to a diagnosis or providing me any relief than day one.

Dr. Abboud had just arrived in town and I began describing in detail what had been occurring with my forearm and the lack of improvement in my condition despite receiving meds and immobilization. When he asked if I ever tried acupuncture and would I be open to it, I elected to proceed with a session. This began a life-changing experience for mewhich to this day has made me a firm believer of such treatment!

First, a deep session of pressure point therapy was applied by his wonderful Associate (whom was also visiting – an amazing treatment I had also never experienced!) After this readiness was completed, Dr. Abboud carefully explained using layman terms the concept of meridians in acupuncture and what he believed was occurring in my forearm. Using his amazingly gentle bedside manner to further relax me, he proceeded with the treatment.The concept of getting a needle is not a fearsome one for me but I will report that I literally felt nothing at all on insertion. Once applied, the needles began their deep work, none were at all painful, and he monitored my reactions closely.

Approximately 30 minutes later, the needles were removed. If you have never witnessed instant pain relief, it was clearly evident in me that wondrous day! I was immediately able to bend my wrist without any pain at all! My strength returned to my arm and by late evening that swelling had all but disappeared with all my aforementioned symptoms never to return, even to this day!

I have since had another acupuncture treatment performed by the good Doctor for other issues, also with absolutely remarkable results. Thank you so much for helping me become pain-free, Dr. Abboud!

Lawrence S. Relkoff

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