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Okanagan Natural Care Centre

Unit 3-1890 Ambrosi Road, Kelowna BC V1Y 4R9

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Okanagan Natural Care Centre

Unit 3-1890 Ambrosi Road, Kelowna BC

It does not take any persuasion for me to talk about the merits of being a client at the Okanagan Natural Care Centre for the past three years. I really look forward to my twice a month appointments with Diane because she keeps me at an even keel about my general health. The precious hour I spend with her is over quickly and I am so rejuvenated and confident to carry on again with my busy active life of “care-giver” and my own self care. Leaving her office after treatments is quite different from the usual 10 minute rushed interviews I have with my medical professionals who really have no extra time to spend with their patients who number 1,500 to 2,000 per Doctor.

I can truthfully say I have never felt better or more confident about my general health than I do right now. Reflexology is the most amazing treatment I have ever experienced. I never knew anything about it or even that it existed. I sing its merits to those who are interested in their health and I am so pleased to hear and see that Reflexology is finally receiving the merits it has long deserved. In this busy, nerve racking world there is more need for this three thousand year old treatment of reflexology.

Diane Wiebe is truly a professional lady who is three professionals wrapped up into one.

Dot Davies

Since coming for a couple of years I have noticed my health improving immensely. I feel balanced, my skin feels healthy and I am all around a much happier person. I always feel on top of the world, once leaving a service.

Marlene Kulaway

This service has been very special to me over the 25 years I have been coming. Through many challenges in my life Diane has been there with her healing touch. The intuitiveness of each and every person at this centre has been an awesome inspiration to me. I feel very fortunate to have worked with these people.


No matter which service I request, I always leave feeling content and relaxed. What more can you ask for? Many thanks,

Linda Callahan

What an amazing health care centre ONCC is! I love coming here. I am so thankful for your services. When I come here I receive treatments that help me to feel better right away. I always leave feeling relieved and healthier. I also appreciate that physical, emotional and mental aspects are all addressed in a caring and spiritual environment. Thanks you ONCC!

Maggie Reigh

I have had great success from multiple practitioners (at ONCC) at becoming more healthy (healthier). They have constantly improved my health either on their own or in conjunction with “traditional western medicine” treatments. I am happier and healthier and feel I have always received good value and professional services. I would not hesitate to recommend ONCC in any way.


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