Natural Healing Properties of Common Herbs

Any information presented here is not presented with the purpose of diagnosing or prescribing. One may use this information, although very brief, in cooperation with one’s physician in a mutual desire to build and maintain health. In the event that one uses this information without his/her doctor’s approval, he/she is prescribing for him/herself. This is his/her constitutional right; no responsibility is assumed on the part of the author, publisher or distributor of this work. It is not the purpose of this publication to replace the services of a physician nor is it the purpose to guarantee any medical or nutritional preparation or the effectiveness thereof. Not all herbs are suited to everyone.


Alfalfa – arthritis, ulcers, liver & pituitary function, asthma, mineral rich. Blood purifier.


Barberry Bark – corrects liver function and promotes bile flow
Barley Grass – high in minerals, essential amino acids, vitamins and enzymes, anti–inflammatory
Beet Rt – excellent for the bowels as it stimulates through the liver
Black Cohosh – asthma, high cholesterol, blood pressure, menstrual cramps, hot flushes
Black Walnut – relieves sores of the mouth and throat, cleanses the body of parasites.
Blessed Thistle – increases appetite and circulation, brain food
Blue Vervain – sedative and diaphoretic
Blue Violet – antiseptic, antispasmodic, anti–inflammatory, diaphoretic, diuretic, emollient, expectorant, and mild laxative
Buchu – diuretic, urinary antiseptic, acid urine, gravel
Buckthorn – constipation
Burdock Rt – skin disorders, boils, gout, restores liver function, stimulates immune system


Capsicum (Cayenne) – improves circulation, aids digestion, nausea, rheumatism and arthritis.
Cascara Sagrada – laxative and colon cleanser.
Chamomile – nerve tonic, sleep aid, appetite and digestive aid, relieves headaches and cramps.
Chaparral – bacterial, viral & parasitic infections. Very bitter. Caution.
Chickweed – fomentation for rashes, very nutritional.
Cleavers – cleansing to the lymph and urinary systems.
Comfrey – good source of calcium, builds bone and muscle. Excellent poultice. Caution.
Cornsilk – diuretic, soothes urinary tract.
Cramp Bark – for smooth muscle cramps or spasms, esp. digestive and uterine


Dandelion Root – Cleanses bloodstream and liver, improves bile, age spots & cholesterol.


Echinacea Ang. & Purp. – immune stimulant, antibiotic, anti viral, cold and flu
Elder – Expectorant, diaphoretic, blood purifier, mild laxative
Eyebright – allergies, mild eye inflammations, colds, sinus congestion, topical astringent


False Unicorn – strengthens female reproductive system
Fennel – appetite suppressant, flatulence, aids digestion
Fenugreek Seed – reduces mucus, lowers cholesterol and lubricates intestines.


Ginger – relieves stomach disorders, morning and motion sickness, hot flushes, menstrual cramps.
Ginkgo – improves peripheral circulation, hearing, potency, cerebral and coronary blood flow.
Ginseng – immune stimulant, improves stress management, relieves impotence.
Goldenseal – nature’s antibiotic, immune stimulant, aids mucus membranes.
Gravel Root – flushes kidney sediment, soothes mucus membranes esp. urinary tract.
Gymnema – reduces sugar cravings


Hawthorn – Strong heart tonic, lowers blood pressure
Hibiscus – for the stomach and nerves, excellent to add to a pleasure tea.
Hops – strong muscle relaxant, sedative for anxiety, promotes restful sleep, estrogenic prop.
Horsetail – diuretic & astringent, high in silica & calcium, strengthens nails, hair & teeth
Hydrangea – diuretic, kidney stones


Juniper Berry – diuretic, bladder or kidney conditions


Kava Kava – diuretic, sedative


Lemon Grass – stimulant, diaphoretic, anti–spasmodic
Licorice Root – demulcent and expectorant for coughs, improves adrenal function, laxative
Lobelia – strong bronchial dilator – asthma, nervine, in large doses it is emetic (causes vomiting)


Marshmallow – demulcent for soothing mucus membrane irritation
Mistletoe – relieves tension and spasms
Mullein – lymph, lung irritation, earaches as an oil
Myrrh Gum – wound healing, astringent, antiseptic; toxic over long periods


Nettle – astringent, alkalinizing diuretic, nutritive


Oat straw – nervine, stimulant and antispasmodic, helpful to break addictions


Parsley Root – diuretic, emmenagogue – contraindicated in large doses in pregnancy.
Passion Flower – antispasmodic and nerve sedative, worry, anxiety or depression, gives restful sleep, hypertension
Peach Bark – demulcent, sedative, diuretic, expectorant
Peppermint – relieves gas, indigestion, calms nausea
Periwinkle – reduces the flow of fluid or blood while toning the membranes
Prickly Ash Bark – stimulates circulation, lymph and mucus
Psyllium – bulking agent for the bowel, softens stool


Raspberry – diarrhea, morning sickness, menstrual cramps
Red Clover – antibiotic, relaxant, blood cleanser, skin disorders
Rosehips – infections, bladder problems, combats stress


Sarsaparilla – soothes mucus membranes, relieves gas, digestive tonic, hormonal, skin and joints (arthritis)
Senna – laxative, cleans intestines
Sheep Sorrel – tonic to the kidneys, cleans blood
Skullcap – soothing to the nerves, PMS tension and headache relief
Slippery Elm Bark – soothes inflamed mucus membranes
Solomon’s Seal – inflammation of the stomach and bowel
Spearmint – cooling, digestive aid
Squaw Vine – eases childbirth
Stillingia – soothes respiratory mucus membranes & bronchial


Turmeric – aromatic stimulant, anti inflammatory
Turkey Rhubarb Root – laxative, astringent


Uva Ursi – urinary antiseptic and astringent, tones the bladder


Valerian – nervousness, pain, stress, anxiety, insomnia
Violet – coughs, urinary infection, lymph congestion


White Oak Bark – astringent, excellent for gum irritation, gall stones, varicose veins
Witch Hazel – astringent
Wood Betony – tones, relaxes and strengthens the nervous system
Wormwood – stimulates digestion, parasites


Yarrow – one’s blood vessels, lowers blood pressure, fevers
Yellow Dock – iron deficiency, skin problems, constipation, bile flow, blood cleanser
Yucca – gout, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis

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