Biography, Diane Wiebe

Diane Wiebe began her studies 43 years ago when she was inspired by her father’s encouragement to learn the art of reflexology. This was the first step on a long journey of study that includes many modalities; Massage, Professional Kinesiology, Herbalism, Iridology, Colon Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, BodyTalk, BreakThrough, Quantum Touch, Yuen, Access Consciousness and others.

Find your personal road to transformation – breaking through creative blocks, speedily reaching life goals, excelling in learning, discovering your hidden talents, reaching your true potential, increasing or regaining health are just some of what you can achieve with Diane’s potent combination of natural techniques.

Diane works with people who desire to overcome personal issues and limitations; business professionals, parents, children, athletes, those with chronic or acute pain, have had great success with these techniques. Diane has been able to transform the lives of the people she coaches. She uses muscle feedback, behavioral techniques, mental patterning and quantum level alignments. She uses these skills and applied techniques to help people break through barriers and radically improve their lives. Diane believes the best part of her work is seeing clients lives transformed.

At home, where she lives with her husband, she gardens organically. They have two grown sons and enjoy spending time with their two grandchildren. Diane loves to travel, study and read.