There are no adverse side effects from a session.

If possible avoid eating large or heavy meals, or drinking alcoholic or caffeine beverages directly before or after a session. Allow some time for yourself after the session. Taking a walk is a wonderful way to integrate the changes!

Stress levels have a bearing on a treatment. Some people move forward dramatically from the first session. Others take a few more treatments. Occasionally the changes are subtle. It is important to note that this therapy will assist you at your own pace. Your commitment is an important factor. Recognize that you are the one directing the process.

The body naturally releases toxins via several possible ways. Drinking plenty of plain water is an excellent way to support this process naturally. The urine may be a little cloudy or darker in colour indicating this release. Taking an Epsom salts bath is soothing and relaxing, it is a very natural way of releasing toxins through the skin. It is also a great way to pamper yourself after a treatment. Use 2 cups Epsom salts per bath (1 cup if you have a septic tank), soak 20 minutes and rinse, before bedtime.

With any therapy we work together for your benefit. Providing feedback from how you responded to your session allows us to assess the frequency of your sessions, the pressure required (as applicable) and the benefits you can expect. If you have any questions regarding the way you feel after a session, please call.

Everyone’s body metabolism reacts differently to a session. It is not uncommon to experience shifts in body energy. When the body is under stress or discomfort, there can be several ways that the body responds including a short period where such discomfort gets a little more acute before getting better. This in an infrequent, but possible, response shared by other natural healing therapies.

MISSED APPOINTMENTS: Time is reserved for you. Please allow us the courtesy 24 hour cancellation so we can rebook the time slot. Missed appointments are subject to a $25 fee.

LATENESS: We feel it is respectful to you the client to serve you at your appointed time. With your help we can do this. If you are going to be late we would appreciate a call so we can reschedule.

Please turn off your cell phone during sessions. Other than aromatherapy we are a scent free office, please minimize perfumes. Washroom key is in our unit.

Live a Healthy Life!

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