How to stay healthy while travelling

People frequently ask how to stay healthy while travelling. These products are suggestions to take along when travelling. There often is a choice between one product or another. No remedy should be considered a substitute for good medical advice and care.

Probiotics – taken daily to maintain good bacteria in the bowels. Use twice daily if your bowels are prone to problems for at least two weeks ahead of the trip. Probiotics need to be kept cool so surround the bottle with ice in the ice bucket in your hotel room or you may have a refrigerator. Pack it in the checked luggage, it is usually cooler than the cabin. A water bottle half filled with water and frozen makes a good ice pack. Double pack the acidophilus and the frozen water in a zip lock bag. Prevention is the key; a healthy bowel is able to fend off invaders better.

R56, a homeopathic formula from Dr. Reckeweg that is especially effective on microscopic parasites. Several drops in a bottle of drinkable water may prevent infestation of many parasites. Taken daily or at the first sign of upset stomach 10 drops 3 or 4 times daily under the tongue. Wormwood capsules taken daily work on larger parasites. If you become infected the treatment needs to cover the 6 to 8 weeks that the eggs present in the body will be hatching. It only takes a day or two and parasites are ready to lay eggs.

In countries where the water is not drinkable, eating raw, unpeeled fruit or vegetables is not recommended. Be certain the water is fully boiled for several minutes if drinking teas or coffee.

Digestive enzymes help digest food that is often prepared in a different manner than we are used to. Enzymes are helpful for over indulging or that rich dessert that looked so good but did not feel so good. Enzymes are taken with each meal.

Ginger tablets is great for motion sickness. Also avoid alcohol and eat lightly.

Bile flow stimulant, Wild Rose Biliherb, will help to digest fattier meals. Some countries deep fry many of their foods or use a lot of oils. Biliherb will help the bile to flow from the gallbladder to break the fats down to a useable form for the body.

Tea tree oil – antiseptic and mosquito repellent. Can be used on cuts, scrapes, and sore muscles. Apply to exposed areas as a mosquito repellent. Elastic bands around the wrist and ankles, over the clothing will keep the mosquitoes from entering. Tea tree oil is effective for swimmers itch, it can be added to lotion and applied to prevent infestation when swimming. Add a drop or two to shampoo to prevent lice attaching to the hair.

Feel like you always catch something when you travel? Check into your room early and fill a container or the sink with very hot water, add a few drops of tea tree oil. Then leave the room to enjoy your day. When you return the air in the room will be much healthier.

Oh no, you forgot and rinsed your toothbrush in tap water – use vodka or another alcohol to disinfect it before using it again. Carry a second tooth brush.

Oil of citronella or pennyroyal protects against mosquito and flies too.

Arnica cream is for over worked, tired, achy feet or muscles like we get at Disneyland or hiking. Effective for bug bites, it takes the inflammation down quickly. Calendula cream is also an anti-inflammatory.

Oil of Oregano is effective for sore throats, colds and flu, chest and sinus infections, ear infection, some parasites and food poisoning. It is a natural antibiotic that also is anti fungal and antiviral. It is a disinfectant, analgesic (painkiller), anti-inflammatory and speeds healing. It also works for swimmers itch.

Lavender oil is helpful for anxiety and soothing to help getting to sleep. Put a drop on a tissue inside of your neck pillow for the flight. Also acts as a bug repellant. Can spray the bedding for bed bugs.

Colloidal or Ionic Silver is excellent for sunburn and upset stomach. It has disinfectant properties. Add 1 tbsp to your washing water for fruits and vegetables.

Grapefruit seed extract works on everything from athlete’s foot to disinfecting your toothbrush. Ear infections, yeast infections, food poisoning and some parasites. Must be diluted.

Charcoal capsules – absorb toxins. Tummy aches after eating, gaseous bowels, food poisoning; several capsules of charcoal will absorb and remove the offending material as a solid. Not to be used on a regular basis as it absorbs nutrients as well.

Rescue Remedy can be used to help cope with everyday situations and especially helpful in stressful situations. It can also help in times of crisis or trauma such as bereavement, a relationship breakdown or changed travel plans. Rescue drops can be applied to the surface of the skin during times of stress, taken under the tongue (4 drops per dose) and added to a bottle or glass of drinking water. The cream formula can be rubbed on bruises, bug bites, sore muscles and the hands for stress.

Common sense goes a long way when travelling. Washing hands frequently, using bottled water and eating in establishments that wash fruits and vegetables in potable water. Even using the same brand of bottled water will create ease for the body and drinking plenty of water will go a long way to maintaining health.

Jet Lag Bach Flower Remedy – This combination helps you adjust to the time change and with the physical tiredness and impatience that comes from sitting in a plane for hours. Start taking this combination a couple of days before the flight and continue while flying and afterward until all symptoms are gone. Olive: Helps you over the physical exhaustion of traveling and being on the road for several hours. Walnut: Helps you adjust to a new time zone and place. Impatiens: Helps you from getting impatient while sitting in a plane for several hours without much to do. Call and we can prepare the remedy for you.

Yours in good health, Diane Wiebe